Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Vet...

I took Sadie to the Vet today after physical therapy, which is going amazing by the way. I can now open my mouth 37mm without pain. It is clear that my problems with my neck are worse then I even thought my TMJ was. Anyway, I picked Sadie up and took her over there. All I wanted was her shots done because everything else gets very expensive. Sadie is very healthy for a pug. She has no problems with her eyes, nose, or hips. I even made sure her ears were fine before I took her in. Last time they charged me $260 so I would not get tricked into that again. As soon as they brought her back they did a heart worm exam. Dogs get heart worms when they ingest fleas. Well, Sadie doens't have fleas and the test is expensive so I didn't want to get it done, but they didn't even ask. They just did it! I was calculating what the total cost could be in my head from that moment on. When the vet came in she said the test was neg... DUH! But she wanted to make sure Sadie was still on some heart worm medication to prevent it. I really don't see the purpose in it, but they kept on trying to talk me into it. It was ridiculous. I love Sadie and I only want the best for her, but she has gone over a year without it and her test still came out negative. I didn't want them to think that I didn't care. I pretty much gave in.

So, then she started to inspect Sadie. She said her ears were good ; ). But the folds on her face could be cleaned better. Then she saw the stye on Sadie's eye. Sadie has gotten stye's before. Kids get them all the time and Sadie plays in worse stuff than kids do so it's bound to happen. I usually put some baby shampoo on it. It cleans it and it doesn't hurt her eye. She tried prescribing me something for it, but I told her I had already had some medicine. She believed me. I wonder how much that would have cost. She finally gave Sadie her shot which took a whole 30 seconds and then she said everything else was fine. At this point in my head I was already up to $100. I didn't want to ask her a question cause I figured she'd find a reason to charge me for that too. After 45 mins we were done. I walked up to the front desk and found out that my total for the day was $190! I freaked out in my head for a little bit then just paid it. I was ridiculous, but everything had already been done so I didn't think I had a choice. She handed me a bag which I figured was that same stupid heart worm medicine and we left.

When I got home I opened the bag to find more than just heart worm medicine. She charged me $20 for some stupid wipes to clean Sadies nose wrinkles with and she gave me a different kind of heart worm medicine. It doesn't just cover heart worm, but any other kind of parasite as well. The first heart worm stuff we got was $24 for 6 months. So, I decided to look at the receipt to see how much everything cost. Her wipes were $20, her shots were $20, her check up was $35, her heart test was $45, and those stupid heart worm pill were $70!!! I basically got screwed! I didn't even want those stupid pills in the first place! There is no way I am getting her more. So, now I will be giving her them for the next 6 months and she will never be getting them again. I don't even mind paying the $45 for the screen each year, but I will not pay $140 for the pills on top of that $45. STUPID VETS!!


Kristi & Chris said...

What?? I can't believe that- boycott the vet and get her shots done somewhere else....our shots only costs 36 for all the shots.

Ashley (+wyatt) said...


I never pay more than 50 for every visit and thats including exam and shots, and deworming. This vet is fabulous... and she always gives me heartworm sample pills so I dont have to buy them.

190 is ALOT for a vet visit.

Ashley (+wyatt) said...

I take it back she does not give me pills.. its the stuff to put on his skin.