Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

Ugh... It is now the 8th week of the semester and things are started to slow down a bit. This is good because I can finally start to catch up on a lot of things and do a lot of things I have been missing out on, but this is also bad because now things are starting to catch up with me. LIKE the fact that I am utterly exhausted. I never noticed it before because I was always going, but now that I have the time to take a step back and breathe I feel like I could pass out walking down the street from exhaustion. It's ok though. It's all a part of the job description and I really don't mind it. Next year is going to be much worse so I better start getting used to it anyway. SOOOO... I know some of you know what my sport assignments for next year are, but for those of you who don't know and would like to here it is...


For the Fall 2009 semester I got...

Men's and Women's Tennis

And for the Spring 2010 semester I got...


I am super stoked for my sports next year. I was pretty much in shock when I opened the letter because I was expecting something completely different. I didn't ask for Tennis, but I think it's actually quite an honor to have been chosen for it. The ATC for Tennis is extremely busy with Men's Basketball during the fall and will not have any time to work with Tennis so I will be by myself. There aren't very many Tennis athletes, but being on my own means being on my own! I just hope I am ready for it. They think I am so hopefully I can live up to that. Since I am working both Men's and Women's I will basically be in the training room ALL day. I will have NO life. At least it will get me ready for baseball in the spring which I am especially stoked for. I have had so much fun working with them over the last 7 weeks. They are a great group of guys. This is also another sport with insanely long hours though. However, I really don't mind it. Spending 8 hours there doesn't feel like 8 hours. I honestly love it. However, the GA for baseball this year is leaving and we are getting an Intern. I am not really sure how I feel about this right now, but there is 1 thing I do know. THE BOYS ARE GOING TO EAT HIM/HER ALIVE. They are all VERY picky and it takes them a long time to trust people. Their arms are their lives and they need to know that you know what you are doing before you even stretch them. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING!

Haha... As for now I am in my new rotation with Brad who works Men's Basketball and Tennis, but since basketball season is coming to an end I will be mostly working with Tennis. At least this will give me a head start on the team for next year! I worked my first Tennis match ever today. IT WAS INTENSE! Some of these girls have tempers. There are 7 girls on the team and only 2 are from the States. The othere are from Brazil, Russia, 2 from Canada, and even Africa. So far they seem like a great group of girls. I have yet to meet the boys though. Haha wish me luck with that!

After this I go to Fresno Pacific University where I will be working with Track and Baseball again. I guess I just can't get enough of it. I am actually turing into quite the fanatic. I am even going to a Giants game over Spring Break! As for my other teams... the Fresno State baseball team is on their way to another great season. Lets hope we can keep it up. The Softball team is still finding their feet, but I know we have the talent to go far, the Women's Basketball team just won their first game in the WAC tournament today so they have 2 more to go. Good luck girls! Our Men's Basketball team actually won their first game too and they play their 2nd game tomorrow. I hope they do well. It's been a rough season, but I know they are driven enough to pull it off. AND our football team is still deciding who the next QB is gonna be. It looks like David Carr's little brother has a big chance of starting even though he's only gonna be a freshman. I hope we do well next year.

Oh and Kristi gave me my very own copy of TWILIGHT. I have watched it every day since she gave it to me. 2 times one of the days. Haha I LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friends come and go...

I know I already did a blog on this, but I would like to do it again.
This last semester was a tough one. I lost 3 of my friends, well, because they were just being stupid, and I really learned who would be there for me in the end.
Now I am proud to say that they are all talking to me again. Not because of something that I did, but because they realized their stupidity haha. I told you all they would come back. They always do.

Guess I am just too great of a person to not be friends with haha.

As for my real bestie. We are still best friends and we do EVERYTHING together. Here are some pics of when I went to visit her in San Fran for the weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

: )

Ok, first of all... I AM SO SORRY THAT MY LAST BLOG WAS 4 MONTHS AGO! I don't even know what you all did with your lives haha.

I can't even believe to describe how busy I have been. I finished out last semester with all A's and one B because I was a slacker in that class and never studied. Oops. Christmas break was a blast. I love having everyone here at once. But I hate having the house full of people. Sorry guys. It seems like ever since school ended there has been someone here. First Terra and Josh, then Sheryl, then Donny, then they all left and we had Dusty and Tara, then they left and we got all of Terry's family. I love my family, but sometimes I like to be able to use my own bathroom or my computer whenever I want to.

School started 6 weeks ago and I have been loving it! Today is officially my last day with baseball since they leave tomorrow morning for Oregon. Good luck boys! I am very sad that this is the end and I will most likely never work with them next year. They are a great group of guys and they should go very far this year. We already won our first series for our season opener last weekend against Washington and we played a great game again Cal Poly last night. I am so proud of them. I am going to miss them all so much. I even loved my ACI and my level 3 student that I worked with. I couldn't have hoped for a greater experience. I didn't even mind working the long hours or the weekends. That's how you know that you love what you do.

We just picked our sport assignments last week and now it's time to write my resume and cover letter. I am not going to tell you what I put down cause I don't want to ruin it, but I should find out in March some time so wish me luck!

School is going ok too, but I have this tricky Organic Chemistry class that is kicking my butt. We had our first test last week... The class average was a 49%. I got a 69%. NO BUENO! The thing that sucks the most is that some girl got 100%. Wonder what/who she was doing! Haha just kidding, she is actually one of my friends friends. She is just really smart. I can't say that I am screwed yet, but we will see how it all plays out.

I haven't been home much so I don't really know what is going on there. I made a super cute picture board, but it's not done yet and I really don't want to get my camera and plug it in and put pictures on so I will show you all a different time. Mom and Terry seem to be doing some sort of puzzle, but I don't really know. I tried to contribute so I did the sky, but that's about it. Donny is being Donny. He went to work with Terry last week. That was interesting. I woke up to Terry yelling, "Donny, time to go NOW!" Haha.

I cut my bangs. Which was also interesting. It looks like I let Hayden cut them so I am finding strategic ways to hide them until they grow out. I moved rooms, which I am very proud of myself for. I moved and decorated in one day! Now I have a big girl bed and I actually feel like an adult when I walk in my room. Sorry for kicking you out Donny.

Dereks wrestling tournament was a blast. I love that family more than anything.

AND, today is Kristi's birthday! Happy birthday old woman! I love ya!