Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school...

Today was my first day of my senior year at Fresno State. Everything happened perfect today! I woke up on time, got ready fast, and left my house early enough to not even mind the traffic. One spot opened up with my Dr. and I went to see Reed for physical therapy. The only thing that was kind of weird was that my mom wasn't home to take pictures of my first day. So, being me, I took them of myself. I am not too excited for classes this year. I hate classes where I have to write papers and do projects. Hopefully it all turns out well. My friend Diana is selling me her Chemistry book for $60 instead of $100. Sweet deal.
I also get to keep my job at Reed's. I won't be working as often as I would like, but at least it's some money. Now I will be going in during class breaks to do all the typing. I was surprised to see that both John and Reed missed me. Even thought neither of them would admit it... you could tell.
Yesterday was mass physicals at the Save Mart Center. I was in the Orientation room so my group was done first, but we couldn't go home till everyone was done and everything was cleaned up. So, we played around a bit with my camera. We all look so slick in out polo's and khakis. This is Evan, Cesar, Junior (Javier), me, Caitlyn, and Big Show (Michelle Sanchez). We had to come up with some nick names because there is also an ATC who's name is Javier and we have 2 Michelles. We just love to make things difficult.
I also went to the Bulldog shop today to buy more polo's since they changed the training room rules. We can now only wear polo's and they have to be tucked in. At first my total was almost $100, but when I told him I was in the AT program he gave me 30% off. It ended up being $65. Huge price difference. YAY AT PROGRAM!! Those of us who do get along have a lot of fun together. We all went to Caitlyn's house the other night to hang out. We are all the biggest dorks. We are always laughing and having fun. I am excited for this next year!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Athletic Training

So, the low down is that I have no life and no time. At least not enough to Blog anyway. I haven't even really been on the computer. My life now consists of the Olympics and anything Athletic Training. To be honest, I really don't mind. It kind of sucks that I never really have time to myself or even my family, but I am having a lot of fun. I miss my nieces and nephews and my sisters, but especially my little brother. I never realized how much of a role he had in my life until he moved away. It's so weird to think that he is not just across the hall anymore.

Anyway, the Olympics has been amazing. I record it everday which means I have to come home every night to watch it because our DVR only has 18 hours left on it. I love the summer Olympics! Swimming, diving, gymnastics, and beach volleyball are my favorites. Way to go Shawn Johnson, Michael Phelps, Misty May-Treanor, and Kerry Walsh. Did we ever doubt any of them? I was hoping Shawn would have won all around, but there is always London and I am glad she is leaving China with at least one Gold. Hopefully our girls diving can actually get a medal tonight in the 10m platform diving.

The training room has actually been a breeze too. I am getting sick of eating at RDH (The Resident Dining Hall), but it's fun every day. There are a few people who have already caused problems, but I am trying my hardest not to hold it against them. Football camp will be over on Saturday! I can see the finish line and I am in a dead sprint to get there. I worked with Soccer today which was totally fun and the reason why I actually get a break and am able to bring you this glorious blog. I also got a pedicure today! Yay soccer! School starts on Monday and as much as I need a vacation, I am really excited to see what this year will bring. I have already have a few sports in mind, but what I thought I didn't want for sure now looks somewhat appealing. We'll just have to wait and see what happens...

As for Twilight. I saw they changed the release date to Nov. 21st or something like that. I can't wait. There are so many things going on this year it's exciting! We are going to Utah the weekend before my birthday and for once I don't mind. I am actually really looking forward to going. I hear there may be a few surprises along the way! Anyway, life is a mess right now so SHERYL don't be angry if I don't blog for some time. I am trying to find balance in my schedule. We will get it figured out. In the mean time, the phone goes both ways. I am always down to text or e-mail. Kristi... tell those kids I love them. And Terra give DK some kisses for me. I love you all!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Vet...

I took Sadie to the Vet today after physical therapy, which is going amazing by the way. I can now open my mouth 37mm without pain. It is clear that my problems with my neck are worse then I even thought my TMJ was. Anyway, I picked Sadie up and took her over there. All I wanted was her shots done because everything else gets very expensive. Sadie is very healthy for a pug. She has no problems with her eyes, nose, or hips. I even made sure her ears were fine before I took her in. Last time they charged me $260 so I would not get tricked into that again. As soon as they brought her back they did a heart worm exam. Dogs get heart worms when they ingest fleas. Well, Sadie doens't have fleas and the test is expensive so I didn't want to get it done, but they didn't even ask. They just did it! I was calculating what the total cost could be in my head from that moment on. When the vet came in she said the test was neg... DUH! But she wanted to make sure Sadie was still on some heart worm medication to prevent it. I really don't see the purpose in it, but they kept on trying to talk me into it. It was ridiculous. I love Sadie and I only want the best for her, but she has gone over a year without it and her test still came out negative. I didn't want them to think that I didn't care. I pretty much gave in.

So, then she started to inspect Sadie. She said her ears were good ; ). But the folds on her face could be cleaned better. Then she saw the stye on Sadie's eye. Sadie has gotten stye's before. Kids get them all the time and Sadie plays in worse stuff than kids do so it's bound to happen. I usually put some baby shampoo on it. It cleans it and it doesn't hurt her eye. She tried prescribing me something for it, but I told her I had already had some medicine. She believed me. I wonder how much that would have cost. She finally gave Sadie her shot which took a whole 30 seconds and then she said everything else was fine. At this point in my head I was already up to $100. I didn't want to ask her a question cause I figured she'd find a reason to charge me for that too. After 45 mins we were done. I walked up to the front desk and found out that my total for the day was $190! I freaked out in my head for a little bit then just paid it. I was ridiculous, but everything had already been done so I didn't think I had a choice. She handed me a bag which I figured was that same stupid heart worm medicine and we left.

When I got home I opened the bag to find more than just heart worm medicine. She charged me $20 for some stupid wipes to clean Sadies nose wrinkles with and she gave me a different kind of heart worm medicine. It doesn't just cover heart worm, but any other kind of parasite as well. The first heart worm stuff we got was $24 for 6 months. So, I decided to look at the receipt to see how much everything cost. Her wipes were $20, her shots were $20, her check up was $35, her heart test was $45, and those stupid heart worm pill were $70!!! I basically got screwed! I didn't even want those stupid pills in the first place! There is no way I am getting her more. So, now I will be giving her them for the next 6 months and she will never be getting them again. I don't even mind paying the $45 for the screen each year, but I will not pay $140 for the pills on top of that $45. STUPID VETS!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last one... I promise.

I had my very first in-service over the last couple of days. It was boring at times, but still fun. There are 18 of us and though our level 3's are extremely seperated, I am confident we will be a family. It was mostly classroom stuff, but we did get to do some c-spine stuff on the track. I had done it all before, but it was nice to get our hands dirty after sitting through lectures for a day and a half. When we were done at the track we went back inside and ran through specific senarios. It was actually a lot of fun. Nerve wrecking because every one expects me to live up to a certain expectation, but it was still fun. Ed now calls me #2. He might as well just call me Jr. I don't mind it because I don't think he means it in the sense that Terra is and will always be the best so she is therefore #1. I think he means it in the fact that I am the 2nd Castro-Conde to go through that same program. Hopefully I can kick everyone's butt like Terra did. I am very excited for the new year. They switched around the training rooms and got a few new trainers who I really enjoy. I am very excited.

Ashley and Wyatt's wedding was on Saturday. I didn't think I'd get to go because I thought in-service would run late, but we ended up getting a half day. My day started early. I ran to Target at 8am to get "Breaking Dawn," was at the training room by 9. Left at 5 and was at the reception with Kristi and Jonathan by 7:30. It was a busy day! Everything was perfect. It's weird to think that Wyatt, who is only a few months older than I am, is married now. It boggles the mind.

Curtis and a few of his friends came over when I got and didn't leave till late. So, even though I had every intention on attending church, I totally slept through it. I have basically been doing nothing but reading and sleeping for the last 2 days. I am tired, but I am proud to announce that I have finished the 4th and final book of the "Twilight" saga. It was amazing! I can't wait for the movie to come out in December. Of course I wish the books could go on forever, but I guess I will just have to deal with reading them again until the movies come out. I won't let out any secrets, but you will all love it! Anyway, back to work tomorrow and then football camp on the 13th. My new crazy schedule awaits me. It's bitter sweet. I have to start school and spend ALL my time there which sucks, but it's one step closer to graduation.

Physical Therapy

I found out from my wonderful dentist that I would have to try physical therapy for my jaw. I have had TMJ since I was 15, but it hasn't started bothering me till recently. I have been having awful headaches and my neck is always tight. I couldn't tell if the headaches and neck aches were from the TMJ or not. I talked to my dentist about it and he said that if PT doesn't work I would have to wear a splint and then possibly consider jaw surgery. It's a good thing I work for the best PT in town! He diagnosed me with TMJ and Cervicalgia (neck pain). We found out that my neck range of motion (ROM) was severely limited in my neck and jaw, but we still aren't sure if they are even connected. I have only had 4 appointments and I can already feel a great difference in my face. I can now open my mouth 30mm without pain (on my first day it was only 16mm) and have even yawned a few times without hearing a pop. Of course some days are worse than others, but I am very confident that we are on the road to success. Now our biggest concern is my neck pain. It doesn't seem to be letting up at all. In fact I am in constant pain from it. Even the massaging doesn't help for very long. I still have 8 more appointments left so we will see how everything goes. Wish me luck!

Yet again...

It has apparantly been way too long since my last blog and certain people are having withdrawals. So much has happened in the last 2 weeks. Sheryl came to town and stayed in the guest room which was the reason for this madness! We had a lot of fun while she was here. I tried to spend as much time with her as I could since her and my little brother would be leaving for UT soon. We had a blast playing Tennis... Which I still need pictures from BTW ; ) and we even washed our cars together. Mine was by far the dirtiest, but I like it that way. My aunt and her sons and my grandma also came to town for my cousins farewell. It was a lot of fun spending time with them. I do wish her sons actually knew I was when they first got here though. This just means that we need to make more trips. I can't have my family not know me. The three of us had a lot of fun. We laughed A LOT! I owned my pony tail and worked my up do, Sheryl liked the Mike n' Ikes, and Donny sniffed people asking if he can get their number. Inside joke, but it's still hilarious. I wish they could have stayed longer. We went up to Yosemite the weekend before they left. We made it all the way to the top. The falls were little, but still beautiful. I do have pics, but I am too lazy to put the CD in right now so you guys will have to live without it. I did perfectly fine, but the rest of the family had me a little worried. I also MADE them "walk an extra mile," even though it was only 1/2 a mile. They complained pretty much the whole way. SISSY'S!! I got to see my first rattle snake and we also saw a Mommy bear and 2 bear cubs from across the trail. We had a blast and it was beautiful. I miss them already. Donny's room is so empty. I can't even keep his door open because looking inside makes me sad. Mom and I still haven't cleaned it, but we did tough it out and make the bed. I truly believe I have the best family ever!