Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last one... I promise.

I had my very first in-service over the last couple of days. It was boring at times, but still fun. There are 18 of us and though our level 3's are extremely seperated, I am confident we will be a family. It was mostly classroom stuff, but we did get to do some c-spine stuff on the track. I had done it all before, but it was nice to get our hands dirty after sitting through lectures for a day and a half. When we were done at the track we went back inside and ran through specific senarios. It was actually a lot of fun. Nerve wrecking because every one expects me to live up to a certain expectation, but it was still fun. Ed now calls me #2. He might as well just call me Jr. I don't mind it because I don't think he means it in the sense that Terra is and will always be the best so she is therefore #1. I think he means it in the fact that I am the 2nd Castro-Conde to go through that same program. Hopefully I can kick everyone's butt like Terra did. I am very excited for the new year. They switched around the training rooms and got a few new trainers who I really enjoy. I am very excited.

Ashley and Wyatt's wedding was on Saturday. I didn't think I'd get to go because I thought in-service would run late, but we ended up getting a half day. My day started early. I ran to Target at 8am to get "Breaking Dawn," was at the training room by 9. Left at 5 and was at the reception with Kristi and Jonathan by 7:30. It was a busy day! Everything was perfect. It's weird to think that Wyatt, who is only a few months older than I am, is married now. It boggles the mind.

Curtis and a few of his friends came over when I got and didn't leave till late. So, even though I had every intention on attending church, I totally slept through it. I have basically been doing nothing but reading and sleeping for the last 2 days. I am tired, but I am proud to announce that I have finished the 4th and final book of the "Twilight" saga. It was amazing! I can't wait for the movie to come out in December. Of course I wish the books could go on forever, but I guess I will just have to deal with reading them again until the movies come out. I won't let out any secrets, but you will all love it! Anyway, back to work tomorrow and then football camp on the 13th. My new crazy schedule awaits me. It's bitter sweet. I have to start school and spend ALL my time there which sucks, but it's one step closer to graduation.


Sheryl Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! Look who finally posted! I'm so jealous that you've already finished the book! I can't wait to get my hands on it! Then we can chat about it! Love you

Ashley (+wyatt) said...

Thanks for being at the reception!! :)

I hope you come over sometime and hang out with us!!