Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school...

Today was my first day of my senior year at Fresno State. Everything happened perfect today! I woke up on time, got ready fast, and left my house early enough to not even mind the traffic. One spot opened up with my Dr. and I went to see Reed for physical therapy. The only thing that was kind of weird was that my mom wasn't home to take pictures of my first day. So, being me, I took them of myself. I am not too excited for classes this year. I hate classes where I have to write papers and do projects. Hopefully it all turns out well. My friend Diana is selling me her Chemistry book for $60 instead of $100. Sweet deal.
I also get to keep my job at Reed's. I won't be working as often as I would like, but at least it's some money. Now I will be going in during class breaks to do all the typing. I was surprised to see that both John and Reed missed me. Even thought neither of them would admit it... you could tell.
Yesterday was mass physicals at the Save Mart Center. I was in the Orientation room so my group was done first, but we couldn't go home till everyone was done and everything was cleaned up. So, we played around a bit with my camera. We all look so slick in out polo's and khakis. This is Evan, Cesar, Junior (Javier), me, Caitlyn, and Big Show (Michelle Sanchez). We had to come up with some nick names because there is also an ATC who's name is Javier and we have 2 Michelles. We just love to make things difficult.
I also went to the Bulldog shop today to buy more polo's since they changed the training room rules. We can now only wear polo's and they have to be tucked in. At first my total was almost $100, but when I told him I was in the AT program he gave me 30% off. It ended up being $65. Huge price difference. YAY AT PROGRAM!! Those of us who do get along have a lot of fun together. We all went to Caitlyn's house the other night to hang out. We are all the biggest dorks. We are always laughing and having fun. I am excited for this next year!


The Givens said...

Yea for school right? I am so proud of you for being so dedicated to school. You are awesome.
Bummer that you can't make it to the shower though.

Sheryl Lynn said...

Yeah I am glad you had a great first day! You are getting so close to being finished! Yippee! I love that you had to take your own first day of school pictures. No one was around for mine either! Should have done what you did and taken my own! :) love you

Ashley (+wyatt) said...

your so cute in your polo!!!! you need to come hang out with us sometime.