Saturday, June 7, 2008

Class of 2008

So, my little brother graduated on Wednesday night. It's so crazy to be in the stadium thinking that I was in his position 3 years ago. I had never gotten a chance to sit in the stadium before because I was always cheering at the football games so it was a whole new experience. We got there an hour early and there were NO seats. We ended up sitting like 3 rows from the very very top and we were all smooshed in. However, in true Buchanan style, the graduation was great. They walked in the same way they always do and they spelled out 2008. Chris and I were a little disappointed because there were no jets during the National Anthem, but I guess it was still ok. Anywat, in the middle of my crazy high school flashbacks I actually managed to listen to some of the speakers and the names that were being called out. It is so crazy to hear all of the accomplishments that student recieve now. One student had a 4.6 and took 10 AP classes! I was absolutely amazed!

The one thing that was different from previouse years was that this year they set out 6 blue and white stars on the field representing all 6 of the Buchanan graduates that have lost their lives in the line of duty. I knew 4 of the 6 and one was an especially good friend of mine. RIP Tony! It hit me really hard because the last time I saw Tony we were graduating and then he left for Iraq. I have been to too many funerals in the last 3 years and I don't want to go to another one for another 30. It was beautiful they way they presented it. They had 6 white doves, one for each soldier, and then during the moment of silence they released a bunch more. The second group of doves flew into the bushes at first and then had to be shewed out, but it was still beautiful.

Anyway, the graduation was short and sweet. The speaker had a "Lights, Camera, Action" theme and related high school to a movie with Lindsay Lohan in it somewhere. There were 700 students in Donny's class, but it seemed to go by much faster than in previous years. Donny had them call out his full name, but I would have done the same thing. I am so proud of him for graduating!

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