Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Baby Birdie

Yesterday while we were doing yardwork a baby bird fell off of our roof. It happens all the time, but it's so incredibly sad because they usually die. However, this one didn't! It's so small and cute. Terry picked it up and made it a little house. I feel so bad because I know it needs to be taken care of by it's mother, but sometimes if you put a baby bird back in it's nest the mom wont take care of it. I couldn't kill it and I couldn't just let it die... so we have taken it into our house. For the last 2 days we have been digging for worms, crushing them up, and feeding them to Birdie. I know there is a great chance that Birdie might die before he's ready to fly away, but I am hoping that he lives. If he doesn't, I have already found a burial spot for him in our backyard. My parents don't know about it yet, but I can always do it without them finding out. I was going to take a picture of him, but he's still a little scared of everything around him. Maybe in a few days he'll be ready.

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