Saturday, June 7, 2008


The morning after Donny's graduation, I woke up bright and early even though I was exhausted from the night before. Kristi and I went to Sarah and Miranda's award ceremony. I would have taken pics, but my mom had my camera still. Anyway, Sarah got perfect attendence and High Honor Roll and Miranda got Character Counts for Trustworthiness. Would would have guessed!! Sarah was a little upset that she didn't get a medal for reader of the month, but Kristi and I both understood. There were kids with over 200 points! It was a bit ridiculous, but good for them right?

I love Sarah, Miranda, and Hayden. They are the 3 cutest kids in the whole world and I can't wait till Kristi has her 4th and last kid. He doen't have a name yet even though Chris and I like to joke about it. Sarah has always been so smart, but this year I hear Miranda is giving her a run for her money. She got straight A's and is reading at a higher level then most 1st graders. Who would have known. She went through so much in the first grade and has come out quite accomplished!

After the awards ceremony we went back to Kristi's house and watched the beginning of The Hills season 2. She has been such a trooper in downloading all the shows I am crazily obsessed with! I love you Kristi. Around 11:30 we got lunch and headed to the park to meet Kristi's long time friend Jennifer. It was Jennifer and her 2 kids, Kristi and Hayden, Jennifers sister, Ashley, who brought her son, and Ashleys friend, Michelle, who brought her 2 kids. It was so cute to watch them all play together. I can't wait till I can have play dates of my own. Although Donny has already given up hope, I am still holding out for a great husband and 3-4 kids. The other day he told me I should go on the Bachelor! What a character, but I love him. For the record... I would not go on the Bachelor, I would be a Bachelorette and that wont happen until I get really desperate. Or when I hit like 27. Whichever one comes first : )

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Kristi & Chris said...

Thanks for coming with me Britt! I love you!