Monday, June 16, 2008

I hate being sick...

The last few days have been so incredibly horrible. I would wake up with the worst headache and not want to do anything all day. I had so many things that I needed to do, but didn't do any of them. Not only did I have a really bad headache, but I also had a sore throat and a runny nose. I think I got it from Hayden on Thursday. Oh well... So, I pretty much slept ALL day. Sunday was Father's Day of course. I went to church with my family, but didn't stay the whole time because my headache came back in the middle of sunday school. Before church I took 3 huge pills and not even 3 hours later it came back! How retarded is that? So, me being me... I know it's really bad for you to take more than the recommended dose and so close together because the old pills are still in your system, but I did it anyway. So I took those 3 (recommended is only 2) before church and then after sunday school (which is 2 hours after and your supposed to take them every 4hrs) I took 3 more. I felt great and my headache was finally gone for good! BUT, those were the last daytime ones so I knew I would be screwed today. I decided to take some nightime ones before I went to bed and hope that I would kick this before today, but I woke up with the same runny nose and I noticed that I developed a cough! HOWEVER, NO HEADACHE!! I was ecstatic!!

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