Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friends come and go, but family lasts forever

A lesson that I have come to know all too well. The day after Halloween, Lisa and I drove up to Brentwood, her home town which is like 30 mins south of San Francisco. She hadn't been home all year and we both really needed a vacation. Life is really hectic and stressful. Sometimes you just need to walk away, another lesson I learned all too well in that one week.
Anyway, Lisa and I left Saturday morning at 9:30 and made it to Brentwood in 2 hours and 15 minutes. We both decided that I am driving on all of our road trips. The whole purpose for us going was to watch this one football game at her old JC. DVC vs. Butte. It was a pretty good game except for the fact that IT RAINED THE WHOLE TIME, until the game was over and we left anyway. Then it got all bright and shiny. Hi Todd! Hopefully some of you get that and if you don't it's from Bubbleboy. I was freexing! I not only had my sweatshirt with my hood on, but Lisa's blanket and I also had an umbrella so I wouldn't actually get wet. The bay area is a whole different kind of cold than Fresno is. We had a blast though. It was fun to meet her old Athletic Trainer and meet all of her friends. After the game we went out to dinner with a couple of her friends and then rented Made of Honor which was amazing and everyone should see it! The next day we went shopping at a new mall that opened up like 5 mins from her house. They got an American Eagle which is a big deal for a town that's as small as Brentwood is supposed to be. We both ended up spending a lot of money, but it was totally worth it. Then we went back to her house to watch the Cowboys game, which sucked. She is the biggest fan ever and gets really angry when they play like crap. Me, I am pretty sure I ended up falling asleep at least 2 times. Oh well. At the end of the day we didn't want to leave. I didn't want to go home to the drama that waited for me at school. Her mom cooked up this really greay meal and her cats had all gotten attached to me. I actually sort of miss them which is weird cause I am not a cat person. Not just them though, her whole family. Her niece reminds me of Sarah. She's pretty much just as tall, but she's only 5. It was pretty amazing, but she was so cute. I can't wait for more vacations.
On the other hand, I couldn't wait to get home cause Donny was there. I miss him so much when he is in Utah, but I am so proud of him for moving away and surviving on his own. He hung out with his friends a lot, but I didn't mind. It was great to look across the hall and know he was there. It was like he had never moved. I was definitely not ready for him to leave so, I invited myself with Kristi and Chris on a trip to take him back to Sacramento so he could fly back home. We had a lot of fun. Sacramento has a lot of weird memories for me, but it was still really fun. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack, which was amazing, THANK YOU CHRIS, and then headed for the candy store. It was so much fun. After lunch we went to a science planetarium place, I don't even know what it was called, but it was really cool. We got to learn a lot about the planets. Did you know that they have a globa and a map of venus and mars. They even have names for the craters and stuff. It was way cool. The other half of the place was all animals. Donny loved the porcupine and I love the bunny which I name Thumper. He was huge! We even stayed for the little show where the lady talked about different kinds of turtles. One almost peed on her! Then we took Donny to the airport. I was the only one who cried, but I couldn't help it. I love him. So, despite all the crap that happened that week at school it was still a good week. I lost a friend, but it's cool. I decided that family is way more important and they actually care about whether they like it or not, they just have to.

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Kristi & Chris said...

I'm glad you came with us Britt. It was a lot of fun!!